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Specialty Procedures & Services

Decatur Orthopaedic Clinic provides comprehensive orthopaedic services and our professional team specializes in the evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of bone and joint injuries. We specialize in sports injury management, joint replacement, foot and ankle surgery, fracture care, and non-surgical treatment of muscular-skeletal disorders.

We have extensive diagnostic capabilities on our campus. In fact, our on-site MRI means same day scheduling for the earliest possible diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Additionally, by providing physical therapy at DOC Rehab – conveniently located adjacent to our main offices, our physicians are able to be more closely involved in each patient’s recovery phase, including the physical therapy component that is critical for a faster and more complete recovery process for many bone- and joint-related injuries and disorders.

No matter what your orthopeadic health care needs, the team of professionals at Decatur Orthopedic Clinic will develop a treatment plan to meet your individual needs.