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Joint Replacement

At Decatur Orthopaedic Clinic, we know that a painful hip, knee or shoulder can keep you from your favorite pastimes. We’re seeing three major trends that are placing undue stress on knees and hips: the number of older adults is increasing, baby boomers are staying physically active later in life, and obesity is becoming more prevalent in our society. Don’t let painful joints slow you down. Our physicians are here to help you lead full and active lives.
Arthritis, a fracture or other condition can make common activities painful and difficult, yet many times people live in unnecessary pain because of misconceptions about joint replacement surgery. Over the last 25 years, major advancements in joint replacement have improved the outcome of the surgery greatly and the physicians at Decatur Orthopaedic continue to stay on the leading edge of these advancements. Physical examinations, possibly some laboratory tests, and X-rays are used to determine the extent of the damage to a patient’s joint. Depending on the diagnosis, conservative treatments such as medication, weight loss, activity restriction and use of walking aids or other devices may allow a patient to return to normal activities. When conservative treatments do not alleviate the pain, joint replacement surgery may be needed. By replacing the diseased joint with an artificial joint, the pain can be relieved, motion increased, and normal activities resumed.
Our physicians are also on the leading edge of new procedures being used to replace an arthritic thumb joint.

Prepare for your Joint Replacement