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Foot & Ankle Surgery

At Decatur Orthopaedic Clinic, we treat many different types of ankle and feet issues from bunions to injuries, as well as conditions you may have been born with such as flat feet. We can help correct these issues to return you to an active lifestyle without discomfort.

Foot and ankle pain can occur for a number of reasons. Some people experience foot pain due to increased activities, sports-related injuries, occupations, or poorly fitted footwear, however, it can also be an indicator of other health issues. Decatur Orthopaedic Clinic’s foot and ankle specialist Dr. Justin Daigre has expertise in non-operative and operative treatments. Dr. Daigre will determine the best treatment plan to get you back on your feet!

Providing comprehensive care for:

• Traumatic and Sports Medicine Injuries
• Cartilage Restoration
• Foot and Ankle Arthritis
• Total Ankle Replacement
• Deformity Correction