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1103-B Sixteenth Avenue
Decatur, AL 35601
Fax 256-350-3987
7-6pm Monday – Friday

Our on-site open MRI is designed for comfort and convenience. Because it is located on our main campus, we are able to schedule same-day appointments for most patients. This speeds the diagnosis process for our physicians and allows them to develop and start a treatment plan without delay.

To increase the comfort of our patients, one side of the open-style MRI faces a wall of windows, providing a relaxing view of nature. The MRI is located in a building adjacent to the clinic and the contemporary design of the facility itself is calming.


What is MRI and how does it work?
1. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a method physicians use to look inside the human body in order to obtain diagnostic information.
2. MRI is a noninvasive procedure and there are no known side or after effects.
3. The procedure is painless.
4. The procedure typically lasts from 30 to 60 minutes.
5. MRI does not use radiation (like is found in X-ray and CT scanning).
6. MRI uses a computer and the physical properties of magnetic fields and radio waves to generate images of the soft tissues within the body.
7. A faint knocking sound will be heard; that is simply the imaging process in operation.

What do I have to do during the MRI exam?
8. No special preparation is needed prior to the exam.
9. Just lie still on the table and relax.
10. You may eat normally and go about your daily routine.
11. Continue to take any medication prescribed by your doctor unless otherwise directed.
12. Metal objects such as coins, jewelry, glasses, credit cards, hearing aids, keys, and hairpins must be left outside the scan room; we provide a safe place for these items.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a powerful, non-invasive diagnostic tool.

Same-day scheduling speeds diagnosis and treatment.